Four Democratic Governors Band Together Against Gun Violence

Posted February 25, 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today he is joining the Governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to form a state coalition on gun control.

Four governors have joined forces on gun safety, pledging to share intel.

"We can not wait for Congress to act", said Murphy.

"I think there should be tougher gun regulations". And I'm going to be working with my legislature to change that.

"We have waited for Washington to do something and of course that never quite happened", Gov. Dannel P. Malloy told reporters on a conference call Thursday.

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NY will now share that database with the other three states, Alphonso David, Mr. Cuomo's chief counsel, said in an interview.

"This issue can not be just mental illness", Ortiz added.

Gina Raimondo call their coalition "States for Gun Safety", and said their quad-state database will supplement the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System and launch the nation's first Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium. "Since we passed our better gun legislation following Sandy Hook, we have the largest drop in any state in the nation by a third".

"The federal government has had a provision in place now for over 20 years that effectively bars the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention from studying gun violence".

"It will help identify trafficking patterns", said Elizabeth Avore, the legal and policy director at Everytown for Gun Safety, calling the coalition the most comprehensive she knew of. "Concrete action steps. And I'm very pleased to be part of it".

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Seeley said that the department is conducting an ongoing investigation into a convicted felon who had guns that, by law, he is not allowed to own. "But, even more importantly, a collective of states can take these steps together broaden the reach and impact of commonsense gun safety laws". "But guns are not the issue", Seeley said. He said they are taking the step in the context of inaction by Congress.

Fixing the gun violence issue starts at the grass roots with parents and schools teaching children safe gun use, Seeley said.

The four governors have entered into a memorandum of understanding to share information on firearms in an effort to trace and intercept illegal guns. We can not sit back and let guns get into the hands of those who shouldn't have them, and we can not simply watch nearly daily tragedy occur.

Seeley is referring to a shooting that killed five women in a church in Dagestan, Russia. "Just look at Russian Federation, where they have stronger restrictions that this country does, and the other day there was shooting there".

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President Trump proposed ending "gun-free zones" at schools, and called for teachers to be armed with concealed handguns. President Trump's listening session included students, parents and teachers from Columbine, Newtown and Parkland.