Bitcoin's Move Towards $10000 Mark Is Thwarted By Google's Ban

Posted March 15, 2018

Google follows Facebook in banning cryptocurrency related advertising on its platform.

The move comes as cryptocurrencies-and especially "initial coin offerings" of new digital tokens-have come under increasing scrutiny by regulators.

In addition to the cryptocurrency and binary options bans, Google's new restricted financial products policy will also impact ads for contracts for difference, rolling spot foreign exchange trading, and financial spread betting. Nevertheless, some of those banned ads might be able to advertise with Google only after they have been certified.

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Google said it updated its policies, expanding its policies in April to cover forms of discrimination and intolerance beyond hate speech protections. that led to the removal of Google ads from 8,700 pages.

The tech giant said that its decision was urged by the growing instances of consumers becoming victims of "online scams". HOWEVER, Google noted in their latest update that several sorts of ads could be authorized if their buyers were authorized by Google before any potential buys.

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki also said yesterday that YouTube was limiting the number of hours its content moderators would look at disturbing videos to four hours per day, due to the strain disturbing and violent content was having on their mental health, according to The Verge. Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies extended the downtrend in today's trading - BTC dipped at a mid-single digit rate today to below the $9,000 level.

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Fears about the highly risky nature of the crypto-currency marketplace have been fueled by the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from crypto-currency exchanges in brazen hacking incidents.

Facebook and Google carve up the lion's share of the economy for online advertisers as the market is a competitive one. "With moves by startup unicorn Coinbase into areas like custody and many institutional investors vying for access to the cryptoassets market, stopping the flow of information via advertising is analogous to putting a band-aid on a crack in a dam".

"Governments and now media outlets are attempting to "protect" the public from this burgeoning asset class when in reality, the global populous is moving forward without them", McCann said. From June ads for such products will no longer be served on Google's affiliate advertisement networks, while advertising through AdWords will require certification by Google, which "is only available in certain countries".

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