Did you try these new Snapchat lenses on your iPhone X?

Posted April 07, 2018

And today, about six months after the launch of Apple's most expensive iPhone, those lenses have finally been released by Snapchat. It's fine to develop it for the dark stage of the iPhone launch, but making sure the masks don't look awful in a variety of situations would be key before making them available to users.

Snapchat is one of the first major apps to integrate TrueDepth facial data since iPhone X launched in November. Since the cameras on the iPhone X comes with TrueDepth, the new Lenses of Snapchat will look much more real.

This lens puts slaps a bejeweled mask encrusted with diamonds on your face and a flower crown on your head.

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In Snapchat's case, that opens the door to three new masks.

Snapchat filters have never looked so good!

It is wise to note that developers (like Snapchat) will only get visual facial mapping data and not the Face ID data that is used to authenticate or unlock your iPhone X. It's using this facial data that they are able to accurately animate both Animoji and these new Snapchat Lenses. Bloomberg insiders recently revealed that the new iPhone 11 will come with a new air gesture feature and a curved OLED screen. However, no one, not even Apple's employees have access to the mathematical data obtained by the camera.

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Moreover, Apple reaffirms that this facial-captured information can not be bundled and sold to data mining companies.

The developer agreement of Apple states face info can not be used for advertising, marketing or generating user profiles. Along with the mapping data, apps can use 50 different facial expressions allotted. There are reports that Apple's advanced biometric security solution could be integrated into more products, starting with the iPad Pro. Previously, there were speculations that the product would arrive this year. Let us know in the comments!

Explaining why the product is taking so long, Boger suggested that the Mac Pro somewhat affects the demand of the rest of its pro-focused product line.

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