Russian Federation says Israel carried out attack on air base in Syria

Posted April 10, 2018

During a bitter clash at the Council, US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley said that the hands of the Russian "regime" were "covered in the blood of Syrian children" and warned that Washington would respond to the attacks even if the Council would not.

The ministry says Syria shot down five out of the eight missiles that targeted the base.

Asked about the Russian statement, an Israeli military spokesman said he had no immediate comment.

The U.S. launched several dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air base a year ago, after a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun killed dozens of people.

The missile attack followed a suspected poison gas attack on Saturday on the last remaining foothold for Syrian rebels in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.

The Syrian government had denied that any chemical attack had taken place, describing the rumours as "fabrications" and an attempt to deter armed forces from advancing on the city.

Pentagon officials say there is no truth to reports that the US has launched an attack against Assad bases in Syria, Wall Street Journal's Dion Nissenbaum said in tweet.

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The United States plans to call for a U.N. Security Council vote on Tuesday on a proposal for a new inquiry into responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, diplomats said.

SANA said the attack resulted in a number of casualties.

France also issued a denial.Syria's state news agency Sana initially called the reported missile strike on the Tiyas airfield a "suspected U.S. attack", but later dropped the reference to the US.

In November, Russia used its veto power at the council to block the renewal of a previous UN-led probe that found the Syrian air force had dropped sarin on the town of Khan Sheikhun in April past year.

United Nations war crimes investigators had previously documented 33 chemical attacks in Syria, attributing 27 to the Assad government, which has repeatedly denied using the weapons.

Nebenzia alleged that the anti-government forces had chemical weapons and could stage an attack.

President Trump recently told us military leaders to begin making plans to withdraw troops from Syria, but a senior administration official told NBC that Trump reluctantly agreed to keep troops in Syria for an unspecified amount of time in order to defeat ISIS.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor, said at least 14 people were killed including some fighters of various nationalities, a reference to Iranian-backed Shi'ite militia members, mostly from Iraq, Lebanon and Iran fighting alongside the Syrian army.

Lebanese media said that residents living near that country's border with Syria had heard unidentified jets in the early morning hours of Monday. The vast majority aren't officially claimed by the Israeli military.

A defense force in Syria reported that several families were killed by poisonous gas in regions of Douma and Easter Ghouta while many more were hiding out and trying to escape being suffocated by the gas.

Trump has not left out anyone in the blame game against the president of Syria.

Moscow said some 8,000 fighters and 40,000 civilians would be bussed out and said that proved "no chemical weapons were used in this area".

But this time round, the Russians are warning of dire consequences if the West uses this alleged chemical weapon attack as a pretext to intervene in Syria.

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