Taylor Swift drops two new songs on Spotify Singles

Posted April 15, 2018

On April 12, she got fans in a swirl by posting on Instagram that she'd be dropping an unnamed and unexpected cover single on Spotify, along with an alternate version of her latest single, "Delicate".

Swift released her cover song Friday - the 13th, we must point out - and it was immediately slammed for multiple reasons. "Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae".

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"That Taylor Swift cover of "September" sounds like housing discrimination", another tweeted.

Incredulously, Swift even changed Earth, Wind & Fire's opening line, "Do you remember the 21st night of September" to "the 28th night of September". But Black Twitter wants the song to be destroy from existence.

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You can listen to Swift's new songs here.

The other notable adjustment Swift made to the song is a key lyric change.

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The song is the fifth track on the recently released album - it also just had its vertical video released - and is a different take on the full length video that previously debuted for the song. However, reaction was prompt on social media, with many expressing outrage that Swift would mess with a beloved classic completely out of her wheelhouse. We also included Earth, Wind & Fire's original track below to help restore your feel-good vibes.