DJ Avicii dead at 28

Posted April 21, 2018

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1989.

The Swedish DJ's death was made public this afternoon in a statement. He retired from performing in 2016 due to health concerns and he was nominated for 2 Grammy awards.

He wrote: "WE ALL REACH A POINT IN OUR LIVES AND CAREERS WHERE WE UNDERSTAND WHAT MATTERS THE MOST TO US". I send my honest condolences to his family, friends, fans and loved ones, and we will forever keep his memory and his music alive and in our hearts.

Tiesto, an early mentor to Avicii said: "Words cannot describe how I feel right now". The DJ retired from live performance in 2016 however, released his Avici EP a year ago.

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Another Hong Kong DJ, Simon Ng, became an avid fan of Avicii when the Swede released his debut album, True, in 2013 - the same year he saw Bergling play live at the South Korea leg of the global EDM festival Ultra.

Avicii also wrote that he was heading back into the studio to make more art. I remember who wonderful it was to make Lonely Together and it felt just like yesterday we were talking. It is the beginning of something new. Seeing you in 2016 was beyond unbelievable and I'll cherish those moments forever. "This was obviously the hardest decision of my life so far", he told Billboard in 2016. "The scene was not for me".

Confetti cannons and bass drops aside, his shows encapsulated the inclusive, everyone-welcome philosophy that led him to collaborate with Coldplay, Nile Rodgers and Antony Hegarty as well as bluegrass and metal musicians in the studio. It was always the other stuff surrounding it that never came naturally to me. Stress-free more than I have been in a very long time. "I grew up with awesome melodies, so getting that right on a song has always been the key thing for me, but there's no reason why a great melody doesn't deserve great lyrics", he said during an interview with Digital Spy.

One fan has taken to Twitter saying: "I am absolutely gutted to hear about Avicii passing reminiscing big time right now".

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He continued recording and producing after he stopped performing.

He released an EP called "Avīci" in August 2017.

Avicii also has a documentary titled True Stories. Billboard magazine says he was hospitalized in 2014 and had his appendix and gall bladder removed, which caused lingering issues and resulted in canceled performances.

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