New Trailer for 'Venom' Actually Shows Venom

Posted April 26, 2018

He is the Joker to Spider-man's Batman and actually does have many characteristics of the Clown Prince of Crime like a devilish grin, sharp but unhinged mind and propensity for violence. First, Hardy's eyes begin to change.

The star of The Hunger Games and Scrubs thinks that Venom's tongue is "unique" and given the fact that she has 2.35 million followers, her remarks didn't go unnoticed. The newest trailer starts with Hardy's Eddie Brock as a tough journalist dealing with Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed as he uncovers nefarious exploitation at a corporate entity - resulting in a subsequent visit at his run-down apartment from henchmen who are there to dispatch him. This may be the most accurate rendition of Venom we've seen to date, but the internet's still not happy with this Marvel adjacent film. It later made its way to Eddie Brock. Now we can move on to discussing more important things, like whether or not the CGI looks expensive enough, or how you properly pronounce symbiote.

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We'll have to wait and see. After failing to get their Amazing Spider-Man reboot to connect with audiences, they released a series of similarly received duds to theaters. Together, the symbiote and Brock became one of Spider-Man's greatest villains. The symbiote takes over the body and is the next step in evolution.

Which brings us to the overall essence of the new world Fleischer's creating.

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Venom is a standalone movie about Spider-Man villain (and later anti-hero) Venom. The Venom movie, however, is clearly a sci-fi horror tale.

The character was divisive to say the least, with director Sam Raimi even going so far as to call his own film "awful", and levelling much of the blame at Venom, who was included at the studio's behest.

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Yes, there's dialogue in the trailer that points to Hardy's character Eddie Brock's initial attempt to control the Venom symbiote, and "only hurt bad people", but that's not what has Twitter swooning.