Alfie Evans dies after withdrawal from life support

Posted May 01, 2018

Alfie's case led to an outpouring of worldwide support, and people further showed their support on Saturday when news of Alfie's death broke. He will spend the next 12 months there.

All of us feel deeply for Alfie, Kate, Tom and his whole family and our thoughts are with them. But his parents fought for months to try to convince judges to allow them to take him to the Vatican's children's hospital so he could be kept on life support. The judge says he will make a decision on what is best for Alfie.

Under British law, courts are asked to intervene when parents and doctors disagree on the treatment of a child.

Alfie Evans lies in a hospital bed April 5.

According to the Evans parents, Alfie died around 2:30 a.m. BST.

Although the past few weeks have been hard with much activity on social media, we must recognise that all who have played a part in Alfie's life have wanted to act for his good, as they see it. The British courts ruled that such a death was in his "best interest".

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The Bradley Lowery Foundation, named after the six-year-old boy who died after suffering from neuroblastoma, paid tribute to Alfie's parents, saying "they did everything they could for their little boy". On Wednesday, the British Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that approved the withdrawal of care and sustenance.

Merseyside Police is investigating claims patients and staff had been intimidated.

Alfie's parents apologise, saying they did not intend to "harm or cause conflict or upset". Earlier this month, Thomas Evans met with Pope Francis in Rome and asked the pontiff to see his son in Liverpool. The court sided with the hospital.

"Let us pray that every sick person might always be respected in their dignity and cared for in a manner adapted to their condition, with the concordant input of their families and loved ones, of the doctors and of other health-care workers, with great respect for life", he said during his Sunday remarks on April 15, after mentioning "little Alfie Evans".

Emotions have run high over the case, with supporters staging angry protests regularly outside the hospital, at times trying to storm its entrance.

Italy even granted Alfie citizenship and put a military plane on standby to transport him to Rome if the courts allowed it.

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'The Italian government hopes that in this way, being an Italian citizen will enable the immediate transfer of the child to Italy'.

The news of Alfie's death drew an outpouring on social media.

He was removed from life support on Monday. He said in a Facebook post that his son had been breathing for himself since 9.17pm. They later administered nutrition as well, after the boy went nearly 24 hours without food, according to Alfie's father. It's actually come to the point where his mum is asleep next to him.

Steven Woolfe, Member of the European Parliament, who is pushing to change the law in the United Kingdom "in favour of parents", tweeted, "I am devastated by the passing of little Alfie, who has been a fighter throughout".

On Friday, his parents said they would work with doctors to ensure their son had the dignity and comfort he needs.

Today, the hospital "alder Hey", Liverpool died a little Alf Evans who was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease of the nervous system.

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