White House refuses comment about Sadler's McCain remark

Posted May 12, 2018

At a White House meeting, special assistant Kelly Sadler allegedly said "it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway". Whatever you want to say in this kind of environment, the thing that surprises me most is, I don't understand what kind of environment you're in where that's acceptable and you can come into work the next day and still have a job.

"The View" host Meghan McCain, meanwhile, used her ABC talk show to respond to the aide's insensitive comments about her father.

The Washington Post and other media outlets reported Thursday that Kelly Sadler, a White House communications official, dismissed McCain's public opposition to President Trump's Central Intelligence Agency nominee by saying in a staff meeting, "It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway".

Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) tweeted shortly after the White House aide's controversial comments began circulating. She did not respond to a request for comment Thursday evening.

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" The Hill newspaper first recorded that the comment". But keep in mind that McCain associates initially made light of his dying health when they leaked to the New York Times that McCain - who's planning his funeral - does not want Trump at his funeral.

"That's why they call him 'Songbird John, '" McInerney said.

Meghan McCain has been a staunch defender of her father.

"I'll tell you the difference between Sarah Sanders and Baghdad Bob".

Trump suggests revoking reporters' credentials for negative coverage
On Wednesday afternoon, Acosta confirmed to CNN host Wolf Blitzer that the White House had not yet revoked his press credentials. Those numbers only take a look at ABC, CBS , and NBC, and thus do not include the positive press Trump receives from Fox.

Some Twitter users, who are fed up with McCain's obstruction of President Trump's agenda, had no sympathy for the career politician. After McCain criticzed Mr. Trump in October - months after McCain's diagnosis - Mr. Trump said "people have to be careful because at some point I fight back ..."

Graham said McCain's wife, Cindy, is managing the situation in a way that is allowing the Arizona Republican to regain his strength.

McCain is not expected to return to Washington to cast a vote on her nomination.

The 81-year-old Arizona Republican, who has spent three decades in the Senate, was diagnosed in July with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. For example, as a candidate, Trump had said he did not think McCain was a war hero because he had been taken captive.

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Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney appeared on Fox Business on Thursday and defended the use of torture by claiming it worked on Sen. "And if we have to use them to save a million American lives, we will do whatever we have to", McInerney, who has appeared on Fox News as a guest military analyst, added.