Miramar Map Arrives for Mobile Gamers

Posted May 16, 2018

Not too long ago, Bluehole Studio opened a round of testing on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new island map known as Sanhok, with PC fans who own the battle royale title having been given a chance to try the fresh locale out before it goes live in the actual game. Update 0.5.0 is available to download now from both Google Play and the App Store, and it expands the game with a handful of new features, gameplay improvements, and other content. Aside from the Miramar Map, update 0.5.0 kicks off Season 2 of the game and adds progress missions, secret stash, local quick teams, and region system.

Arriving alongside Miramar are an assortment of new vehicles and weapons.

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Miramar has been in the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds since late 2017, although it has yet to come to the Xbox.

Next up are progress and activity missions, which offer rewards as you level up and based on your activity, respectively. Also included - in response to player feedback - is a useful new social feature that allows players to create a quick team with nearby friends by entering a 6-digit code. You can then build connections once your synergy is high enough.

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- Added Regions: now you can choose your region and flag. You'll find tons of new clothing, special clothing or items to buy for your character, and other add-ons.

Several players have noted the golden chests on Reddit (via Kotaku), though it seems only two locations have been found so far, one in a rock formation by Bootcamp Alpha and another in the forest northeast of the Ruins.

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