You can try Mario Tennis Aces early for free

Posted May 16, 2018

So far, the Pre-Launch Online Tournament's timings have only been announced for Europe, with no mention of when the beta will come to the U.S. and Australia.

For our thoughts on Mario's last astroturf appearance, check out IGN's review of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Nintendo didn't say if users will have to unlock an achievement to get the outfit or if it will be automatically awarded to all players who participated in the Pre-Launch Tournament.

Mario Tennis Aces is set to launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch this June 22.

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Mario Tennis Aces gives players a level-up system and some strategic RPG elements like equipping different tennis rackets.

Nintendo is also offering unlockable content in the form of Mario's dungarees for the main game. We're not exactly sure why this is referred to as a tournament, as it's closer to a demo.

In addition to Luigi getting his hands on what appears to be the Infinity Gauntlet of tennis rackets, the cutscenes also show Wario and Waluigi in some spooky new forms. We see the dark spirit enveloping Luigi and taking him over, transforming him into a kind of evil metallic version of himself.

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Nintendo's early access beta titled the "Mario Tennis Tournament" will commence on Friday, June 1 at 8 AM PAC, 10 AM EAS, 3 PM UK and Midnight AEST. If you'd rather turn off all of the fancy chance shots and play a more straightforward game of tennis, you're more than welcome to do that as well, but where's the fun in that?!

Mario Tennis Aces is more than just an awesome-looking Mario sports game. The full game will launch on June 22!

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