Facebook introduces Voice posts, Stories archive & Cloud storage features

Posted May 17, 2018

Facebook on Wednesday announced three new features keeping in mind the usage pattern of Indian users.

Facebook has rolled a bunch of India-first features to its stories format, including voice posts and stories archive, before hitting the rest of world, media reports said. Unlike Snapchat, which has relatively few users outside of the US and Europe, Facebook already has a sizeable base (and one that's still growing).

The Verge
The Verge

In Facebook's research, the company found that many people have to delete a photo from their phone before they're able to take a new one. These will be only available for them to see. "It is a way for people to save the memories that they've shared to Stores", said Hayes.

People will now be able to save the photos and videos they capture through the Facebook camera, where only they can see them when they log into their Facebook account. Facebook has said that these new features are rolling out to users in India first before they're made available to users across the globe. There is no word on its arrival on Facebook Lite and for devices running iOS. Voice posts give people a new medium through which to express themselves. This new feature will be present as a new mode in the Facebook Camera.

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The next new feature is that images captured using the Facebook camera can now automatically be uploaded to the Facebook cloud. It has been mentioned that this particular feature is on FBLite for now but will soon be coming to the regular Android app as well. This feature is coming in next few weeks. "People thus want to keep these works of art and keep them for a longer time than a day", he added. Specifically, it's adding an archive for Stories posts, so you can save the ones you like to a permanent gallery. Users will get an option whether they want to archive Stories. You can go back and view these Stories at any time, or choose to reshare them as a post or story. Audio posts in Facebook Stories can also include a colored background or a photo from the user's camera gallery.

You'll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed.

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Another upcoming feature allows users to archive their Stories, not unlike Instagram's relatively new archiving feature.

This is significant not just because Facebook's making a Stories feature that doesn't rely on the camera, but because audio messages are already incredibly popular in India and many other countries.

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