Ireland abortion referendum: 'Yes' campaigners get behind #hometovote with generous cash offers

Posted May 28, 2018

A leading campaigner for repealing Ireland's constitutional ban on abortions says it's a "monumental day for women in Ireland" after voters appeared to have overwhelmingly backed liberalizing the country's strict abortion laws.

Initially, polls showed a strong lead for the repeal campaign, but as polling day approaches, that lead has narrowed. Varadkar has said the legislation would permit women to have abortions with no restrictions up to 12 weeks into a pregnancy.

The Catholic Church believes the life of the unborn is sacrosanct, that it would be immoral to allow its termination through abortion, but advocates greater support for those in crisis.

Leo Varadkar, prime minister of Ireland's center-right government, supports lifting the ban and allowing an abortion up to the 12th week of a pregnancy.

Ireland abortion referendum
Getty Ireland abortion referendum Irish voters will vote on the abortion referendum on Friday

"As this is a devolved issue, if an amendment is not accepted by the Speaker, then there should at very least be a referendum in Northern Ireland on this issue".

"Savita's death was on my mind the whole time", said Royan, who quickly traveled to Spain to have the dead fetus surgically removed. Beyond that, abortions would be permitted only if the woman's life or physical or mental health is at serious risk, up to 24 weeks.

Ireland is one of just a handful of countries in Europe that outlaws abortion.

People opposed to the law had argued that it only adds pain and burden to pregnant women, as each year an estimated 3,000 pregnant women in Ireland secretly travel to neighbouring countries for abortion. The British government legalized abortion in England in 1967 and the Scottish and Welsh assemblies later adopted similar laws.

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However, the Northern Ireland government fell apart previous year after months of political intrigue and the assembly hasn't met since January 2017. The province is effectively run out of London and Members of Parliament at Westminster are now calling on Ms. Thousands more order abortion-inducing pills like mifepristone, which are illegally imported into Ireland.

Co-director Ailbhe Smyth said: "This will be a moment of profound change in Ireland's social history, a moment when the nation collectively stood up for women and for their healthcare, and voted for constitutional change".

Steve Wilson said he'd travelled for a total of 27.5 hours to make it back in time to cast his yes vote in the hope of repealing the 8th amendment. "If there is a "Yes" vote, Ireland will still be the same place, just a place that is a little bit more compassionate, a little kinder and a little more understanding that it has been". Irish citizens announced that they will be travelling from across the globe to exercise their right to vote. "It is time for change across the whole island of Ireland".

The case of Savita Halappanavar, a 31-year-old Indian dentist who died of blood poisoning at Galway University Hospital in Ireland in October 2012 after she was denied a life-saving abortion, is among the cases being highlighted by campaigners in favour of a "yes" vote. However, few expect her to force through any change given the political reality she faces. Ms.

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But Mrs May is in a hard situation because her administration depends on the support of 10 Democratic Unionist Party MPs - who strongly oppose any reform.

"If we want to deal with this issue in a compassionate way, people need to vote Yes on Friday", Mr Harris said.

To dismiss a landslide decision to enact abortion legislation as a rebuttal to our staunchly Catholic country would be to misunderstand the nuanced and complicated beliefs of those on the Yes side. One concern that I heard several people express was that abortion would be used as contraception, an idea that seems to come from the misogynistic myth that the No campaign has helped to conjure, one where women can not be trusted and abortion is "on demand", as if it were a Netflix series.

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