US Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims Nazis did not deport Jews

Posted June 20, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says law enforcement officials do not want to separate parents from their children.

Jenkins' office said the separations highlight the need to pass immigration reform in order to put an end to "this terrible policy".

President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign manager is calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be dismissed.

"We want to allow asylum for people who qualify for it", he continued. Dianne Feinstein's comparisons of Nazi Germany's death camps to the shelters housing children separated from their parents and unaccompanied minors who crossed the border.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Immigrant Children
She said the "vast majority" of children being held in the detention facilities were sent to the USA alone by their parents. Nielsen echoed these points during her prepared remarks. "It's a simple choice", she said.

TRUMP: "Democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the Border by working with Republicans on new legislation, for a change!"

Trump supporters seeking to justify the Trump Administration's family separation policy are drawing a false, and baseless, equivalence between immigrant families and people who have been convicted of crimes.


So, why are children being separated from their families?

Interestingly enough, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen pushed back on that characterization earlier today as she defended the policy during the White House press briefing.

Cohen Files Restraining Order Against Avenatti
Cohen would be indicted for bank fraud, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, and accused Mr. District Judge Kimba Wood to give Cohen's legal team until June 25 to complete the review.

Asked by Ingraham if the policy is being used as a deterrent to stop families from attempting to cross the border illegally with children, Sessions said, "Fundamentally, we're enforcing the law".

A "zero-tolerance" policy on illegal immigrants at the US border that has led to families being separated and children being held in detention facilities has come under intense, bipartisan criticism in recent weeks. "By entering our country illegally, often in risky circumstances, illegal immigrants have put their children at risk". "And even in those far more serious cases, decisions involving the separation of children from their parents were made with extraordinary caution, and only after an evaluation of the specific circumstances of a particular case", the letter said. "We can not and will not encourage people to bring their children or other children to the country unlawfully by giving them immunity in the process".

Sessions later said if parents are deported, their children return to their home country with them. I'm for border security. "As a result, she must resign", Kamala Harris (D-California) said. "We've had a big surge of families bringing children or some adults bringing children with them".

When you see innocent kids being put in tents sleeping on floor after getting ripped from their parents and your response is "Did they come here legally?", then we don't have a difference in political opinion.

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