Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanks LGBT community after landmark win

Posted June 29, 2018

Wide-eyed, she covers her mouth with her hands and appears to scream, "Oh, my God!"

It might seem unbelievable that after Bernie Sanders' enormous success in the 2016 democratic primaries running on a grassroots campaign that condemned Wall Street's influence and called for social justice that Democrats can still be caught off guard by progressives unseating their heavyweights.

On her wish list are lots of things unlikely to pass a Congress held by either Republicans or centrist Democrats.

Nixon and Ocasio-Cortez have endorsed each other and share many views, including single-payer health care for all, greater investments in education, criminal justice reforms and the abolishment of the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

"I think that there are serious grounds in violations of the emoluments clause from day one", she said.

On Tuesday night she tweeted, "We have been embraced. Here in NY, the progressive revolution has begun, and we could not be more proud to be a part of that movement", she tweeted.

Ocasio-Cortez also spoke forcefully about the ideas she believed in.

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So, what does a win from someone like Ocasio-Cortez mean for Republicans?

Her first love as a child was science, not politics. After his death, the family anxious it would lose its home to foreclosure.

She has a degree in economics and global relations from Boston University, but after graduation worked as a waitress and bartender to supplement her mother's income as a house cleaner and bus driver, according to a profile in The Intercept. She said in the past she has "worked with expectant mothers, waited tables, and led classrooms". She was still tending bar as recently as the spring of 2017.

The national spotlight is on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after her surprising upset in the 2018 primary for New York's 14th congressional district.

"The GOP tax cut could have paid for two years of public college for everyone in this country", she told CBSN ahead of the election.

"I like Joe Crowley, he was a very friendly guy, but the fact of the matter is she had a different approach", Holtzman said. "That tipped the scale for me".

Ocasio-Cortez also called for the impeachment of President Trump and abolition of ICE.

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She put a down payment on that hope yesterday.

"Cuomo says there's nothing to see here, but that's part of the problem", she said.

One was low turnout.

Until 2013, the district was mainly comprised of middle-to-upper class Manhattan and Queens neighborhoods before being shifted more toward Pelham and the South Bronx. Only about 12 percent voted.

Some say the changing demographics of NY voters - and Democratic voters across the USA - will be key in the 2018 midterms. Ferguson said the Democratic Party won the majority of American votes in 2016 for a reason and shouldn't stray too far from the mainstream if it wanted to maintain that majority. Crowley is white and of Irish descent, while the district is half Hispanic.

"For me, that was clear right away", Elmore said. In the face of skyrocketing economic inequality, massive tax cuts exclusively for the rich and powerful, and immigration policies that would leave any moral person appalled, it's easy to understand where this cynicism comes from.

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