Putin ‘ready’ for talks with Trump either in Moscow or in Washington

Posted July 28, 2018

Putin also addressed Trump's invitation to Washington DC on Friday, saying he and the U.S. president are ready for further summits, including at the White House, but that conditions would need to be right for any meeting to take place.

Putin said Friday he's ready to invite Trump to Moscow and ready to visit Washington if conditions are right. "I'm also prepared to come to Washington, but, I'll repeat, only if the appropriate conditions are created there".

Mr. Trump met Putin earlier this month at a much-anticipated summit in Helsinki, Finland, and was sharply criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for appearing submissive to the Russian leader.

"Regarding our meetings, I understand very well what President Trump said".

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"There are also plans to meet as part of worldwide forums", Putin added.

In the following days, Mr. Trump surprised even his own director of national intelligence by inviting Putin to Washington for a follow-up conversation this autumn.

Trump's comments sparked massive bipartisan backlash - which Putin shrugged off.

And the strongman Russian president said he was ready for further meetings to ease tensions between Washington and Moscow. "Be my guest", Putin said at a meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Wednesday's surprise joint appearance by Trump and Juncker in the Rose Garden came after the White House banned CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins from the event. The president has been widely criticized for failing to publicly denounce Russia's interference in the 2016 US election and appearing to accept Putin's denials of such activity. Among the issues Putin said he's eager to talk about are nuclear arms control, conflicts in the Middle East, and the Iran nuclear deal. In one remark, he suggested that he trusted Putin more than his own top intelligence offer regarding evidence of Russian meddling in the USA 2016 elections.

"I was blocked from attending an open press event at the White House because the White House did not like the questions I posed to President Trump earlier in the day during an event in the Oval Office with the president of the European Commission", Collins told her network.

Collins asked. "Mr. President, are you anxious about what Michael Cohen is going to say to prosecutors?.Why has Vladimir Putin not accepted your invitation, Mr. President?"

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