Libertarian candidate for Senate voices supports Kavanaugh

Posted October 08, 2018

They converged on Capitol Hill and held a rally outside the Supreme Court, chanting: "Kavanaugh has got to go!"

Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia, has announced that he is going to vote "yes" to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. One GOP senator was absent during the vote because of his daughter's wedding thousands of miles from Washington, D.C. She said she would vote to move Kavanaugh's nomination forward, which was met with screaming and accusations by protesters. It is also unclear how Sen. Kavanaugh has denied all the charges. She said on the Senate floor Friday evening that Kavanaugh is "a good man" but his "appearance of impropriety has become unavoidable".

All eyes are on several swing senators for Saturday's final vote. The session was presided over by Pence. McConnell called Kavanaugh "among the very best our nation has to offer." Sen.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) told reporters that the Senate Judiciary Committee's inability to attract Republican women might be caused by its heavy workload, a remark the panel's chairman tried to retract a few minutes later.

The likelihood of Judge Kavanaugh winning a full Senate vote on Saturday appeared to increase after two Republicans whose backing will be essential gave a positive account of the Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry. She launched promptly into an attack on the forces arrayed against Kavanaugh, lamenting their hysterical behavior compared to the five other "solemn" Supreme Court confirmations in which she participated.

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On Air Force One, Trump told reporters his speech in MS last week, in which he was widely seen to be mocking Christine Blasey Ford, "had such a great impact".

"I think Flake took a lot of heat, but he's a human being and most human beings were affected by those hearings", Rose said.

Both he and Collins attempted to express a belief that Dr. Blasey Ford was assaulted, but not by Kavanaugh. She said that false news reports have also been spread through social media to discredit Kavanaugh, adding that "dark money" is being used to fund anti-Kavanaugh efforts, without elaborating.

A vote on confirmation could happen as early as Saturday.

"On average, any woman in the United States Senate, whether they're on Judiciary or any other committee, probably works harder than the average man".

Kavanaugh accuser says her strongest memory is 'uproarious laughter'
In an interview with MS-NBC Thursday morning, Swetnick said Kavanaugh should not be confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice. Shortly after Avenatti tweeted out the declaration, the Senate Judiciary Committee said it was in the process of reviewing it.

But Democratic senators said the investigation had been incomplete. Protesters were also heard shouting from the Senate gallery during the roll call.

"We have to assure the American people either that it was a fair process and that the new justice did not commit perjury, did not do these awful things, or reveal that we just don't know because the investigation was a whitewash", Nadler said. Murkowski said she'd use an obscure procedure that lets one senator offset the absence of another without affecting the outcome. She next faces voters in 2022.

The US Senate on Friday narrowly approved moving to a final vote on President Donald Trump's embattled Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, but his fate remained in the balance as key Republicans appeared still undecided. That support all but assured Republicans of the votes they needed to push the nomination across the finish line.

Among the criticisms of Kavanaugh in the letter, are his judicial temperament.

"Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort".

Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford testifies before Senate hearing
The Senate hearing could determine whether Mr Kavanaugh he will be confirmed to the lifetime job after a pitched political battle. She laughed nervously when Senator Grassley, the Republican chair of the committee, replied that no one made his coffee right.