Tyga And Nicki Minaj Unite In "Dip (Remix)" Music Video

Posted October 31, 2018

"Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing!"

Also on Tuesday Maury Povich told TMZ he wants to offer to give a lie detector test to the ladies. Keeping his streak going, the rapper recently dropped a new music video for "Dip (Remix)", featuring his Young Money family member Nicki Minaj.

"Queen" rapper Nicki Minaj is annoyed after Cardi B claimed that she was hit by security in their New York Fashion Week scuffle.

The beef between #NickiMinaj and #CardiB continues, as Nicki releases more information about the Fashion Week brawl.

A few weeks ago, Minaj accused Cardi of payola.

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Cardi B responded to the tweet with a message that simply said "alright then!" Minaj also said she would give $100,000 to anyone who had surveillance footage of the incident, according to Pitchfork.

'Let's talk about the leaked numbers s***!' she said.

Wackermann then posted a screenshot of his text conversation with Minaj where he writes, "I prefer to avoid to create any tension honestly, I can only tell you we never made any firm offer because this I would have know [sic], I prefer not to pen a conversation on this honestly".

However after some fans were confused about why Nicki Minaj would need to pay for footage if she already has it, the "Chun Li" rapper cleared up the situation on Twitter.

"Rah held her head and punched her like eight, nine times, and I could hear it; I'm talking like the hardest punch you've ever heard in your life". 'We can talk about it or we can fight it out. "I'm exhausted of the f--g whole internet s-t, I'm exhausted of the interview s-t".

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Cardi said that Nicki should "stop focusing on other people" and work on herself and her material, as she's 'out here f***ing up [her] legacy, looking like a f***ing hater'.

"I'm perfectly fine with never talking about this again - and me never bringing you up again and you never bringing me up again".

Addressing Nicki in a video on Instagram, she denied Rah had been the one who had attacked her.

Along with claiming that the knot on Cardi's head was caused by TV personality Rah Ali hitting her (and not security, which Cardi's team initially claimed) Minaj says that Cardi tried to take footage of the fight from her security.

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