Samsung to Launch Foldable Phone in 2019

Posted November 08, 2018

Samsung's One UI will roll out with the Android Pie update, but the firm will let users try a beta version of it for the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and the Note 9 before it rolls out in January.

We don't actually know much more about the phone because Samsung didn't fully demonstrate its features and presented in darkness so it couldn't be seen in all its glory. Here comes the biggest advantage of such a design compared to today's "all-screen" phone designs, be they notch-y, slide-y or with trimmed bezels - the Infinity Flex Display will take about half the space when shut.

We're finally entering the future we've all been waiting for-the first Android smartphone with a foldable display (from a major Android OEM) has finally been unveiled.

"Samsung needs to focus on perfecting a few killer use cases when a product does come out", said industry analyst Patrick Moorhead in a tweet.

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The gadget, which was briefly demonstrated on stage at the fifth annual conference, features a screen on the front of the device like a regular smartphone. "We rethought the anatomy of a smartphone display". But at the same time, what Samsung showed today makes the idea of flexible phones a lot more tolerable than anything we've seen before.

Although there is no official information about the smartphone's release, but it is expected that Samsung may unveil the smartphone at the Samsung Developer Conference, 2018. Samsung may have mastered the hardware, but the interface of this unique form factor will be what makes or breaks it.

The flexible phone has been a long time coming for Samsung, which first showed off plans for a new style of display at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013.

Screen technology has already been revealed that allows displays to be rolled with LG showing off its foldable TVs earlier this year. Sagar Kamdar, Android director of product management, told The Verge there are different ways to cut down on fragmentation among foldables devices and experiences, but that Google doesn't have anything else to announce.

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The yearly tech show takes place in Las Vegas from January 8 and is often used by firms to showcase TVs and screen technology.

Rumours suggest Samsung could place a price of over £1,300 on this new phone.

Making matters slightly awkward, the move was announced as Samsung hosted its own developer conference in San Francisco.

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