Finland's president rakes memory for source of Trump wildfire remark

Posted November 20, 2018

He walked side by side with Paradise Mayor Jody Jones and surveyed the devastation of the once lively-town in person.

Mr Trump has blamed the recent spate of fires on forest mismanagement, and he said he discussed the issue with Mr Brown and Mr Newsom on the ride into Paradise.

"I think everybody's seen the light and I don't think we'll have this again to this extent".

Our local crew was deployed to Southern California for aid in the Woolsey Fire and over the weekend they posted an update on their mission to Facebook.

If not from Finland, where did Mr Trump get the idea from? Pointing to his own head, it was captioned: "Can I get one more rake out here".

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He also said he told Trump that "we take care of our forests". Maybe it was something he saw on TV. "I mean they're suing him", he said. "They were raking areas!"

"The fire was right over there and they were raking trees, little trees like this, nut trees, little bushes that you could see were totally dry, weeds". "You wouldn't have the fires". Finland and Sweden's forest fires over the summer were attributed to climate change.

Beyond the fact that Finland's president insinuated this conversation about raking happened exclusively in Trump's mind, perhaps at the very moment the words fell out of his mouth, it is not the first time Trump has mentioned raking in relation to California's fires.

The online reaction in Finland alternated between those pointing out that the country has a vastly different climate and population density and those making jokes.

Ah yes, raking leaves! Democrat Ted Lieu told MSNBC. "I hope the president consults some experts, maybe talks to folks who actually know something about wildfires, and really stop believing these weird theories that he has".

California wildfire victims want Trump to apologize for blaming them
2018 has seen multiple wildfires in California including the Panoche, Klamathon, Ferguson, Carr, and Mendocino fires. Arlene Bickel and her husband, Paul Bickel, are in their 80s and 90s and have not been heard from since the fire .

Almost 1,300 names are on a list of people unaccounted for more than a week after the fire began in Butte County, authorities said late Saturday.

But asked if he had made that case to Trump, he said: "I certainly raised it but I didn't feel that that was where we needed to go", then added that science would be the guide for analysing the fires "and the president in no way negated that". "They don't really rake the forests in Finland". The entire Northern California community of Paradise was reduced to a wasteland of ash and burned-out buildings and cars in the fire that began just after 6:30 a.m. local time on November 8.

Some took a more creative approach to the task, employing more efficiency to cleaning the forest floor.

Authorities said some of those listed likely survived but have not yet notified family or officials, either because they lack phone service or were unaware anyone was looking for them.

He said: "Managing the forest is part of it".

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Dozens of other people were reported missing. "I'm sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will burst into flames". In Los Angeles and Ventura counties, a significant number of homes were destroyed or damaged, fire officials said.

Much more than rakes, in other words.