Merkel lauds G20 agreement on need for reform of world trade

Posted December 02, 2018

The German Chancellor and her finance minister, plus coiterie of attendant journalists will spend the night in Bonn before flying onto Argentina, where Merkel will attend the G20 summit and is due to have talks with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The plane has landed safely in Cologne, the spokesman told CNN on Friday.

Shortly after takeoff from Berlin on Thursday evening, Merkel's Airbus A340-300 was forced to turn back over Dutch airspace and divert toward the German city of Cologne, the headquarters of the government fleet.

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Air force Col. Guido Henrich said the problem was caused by the failure of an electrical distributor box, which affected the radio system and also a fuel system, meaning that the plane couldn't dump fuel. The media contingent who had been traveling with her will remain in Germany.

The aircraft lost communications for almost an hour, forcing it to make an emergency landing in Germany's Cologne-Bonn airport.

"I'm glad we had the most experienced captain of the German Air Force in command", she said. Fire trucks were on standby but weren't needed.

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Despite this nazlican the situation, a meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place, despite the delay of the German delegation at the opening of the summit of "Big twenty".

Merkel was still waiting for a replacement plane to take her to Buenos Aires for the G20 summit.

The plane, which was operated by the German air force, had a communications systems failure, according to a military spokesman. Last year, Merkel was delayed on a trip to Egypt because a windshield heater malfunctioned.

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