CenturyLink outage affects 911 phone service

Posted December 29, 2018

The 911 outage did not affect Snohomish or Whatcom counties, according to the call centers' social-media posts. Finally, late Thursday night, the company said its engineers had identified "a network element that was impacting customer services." and was working to restore service.

Lewis County, along with numerous counties across the state, suffered from a 911 outage Thursday evening into the early morning hours Friday due to a CenturyLink glitch.

What happened: On Thursday, CenturyLink customers nationwide reported experiencing outages of their internet coverage, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

WyoLotto officials said they would postpone announcing Wyoming's winning state lottery numbers and winnings for the day until after the outage was over.

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Technical problems at a Louisiana-based service provider Friday disrupted 911 access in multiple states across the country - including MA, officials said.

"When an emergency strikes, it's critical that Americans are able to use 911 to reach those who can help", chariman Ajit Pai said in an FCC press release.

The 911 outage hit some populous areas, including Portland, Oregon, and western parts of Washington state, Missouri, Idado and Arizona, according to reports.

"The CenturyLink service outage is ... completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling", said Pai in a statement.

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Although CenturyLink tweeted more than 13 times about the service disruption, the company did not provide specifics on what went wrong or how it was fixing the problem.

Police departments in Cleburne, Corsicana, Frisco, McKinney and Stephenville also reported 911 outages persisting through Friday morning.

Jessica Rosenworcel, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, said via Twitter her agency needed to investigate.

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