USA shutdown 2.0: What lies ahead for Trump administration

Posted January 19, 2019

A day after congressional Democrats declined to meet with President Donald Trump over ending the government shutdown, at least seven House Democrats attended a White House meeting Wednesday aimed at reopening the government that has been partially closed for more than three weeks.

"Obviously if you would like to make your journey by flying commerical, that would certainly be your prerogative", Donald Trump wrote as he informed Pelosi her trip had been postponed.

While 36 percent of those polled for UtahPolicy.comsay the president bears the most responsibility for what is the longest shutdown in US history, 32 percent place the blame on Democrats in the House and Senate.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said in a statement, "One sophomoric response does not deserve another".

When asked by a reporter about the postponing of Trump's upcoming State of the Union, Cruz swiped at Pelosi for being "terrified" of her "extreme left-wing base" and that "the position of Congressional Democrats in this shutdown is objectively unreasonable". Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, insist on reopening the government before negotiating the budget for border security. But with the shutdown in its fourth week, the White House and Democrats in a stalemate and the impasse draining the finances of hundreds of thousands of federal employees, little routine is left in the capital.

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The House has passed several spending plans in attempts to re-open the government, which included $1.3bn for border fencing and another $300m for border security items, but Trump vetoed it.

The uncertainty surrounding the annual address also underscored the unraveling of ceremonial norms and niceties in Trump's Washington, amid the shutdown over the president's demand for money to build a U.S. -Mexico border wall. Maybe he thinks it's OK not to pay people who do work.

The mess in the USA capital already verged on the surreal as Congress feuds with the White House over how to end an impasse now in its fourth week, with thousands of federal workers left unpaid. Some have mentioned that tactic as a way of letting vulnerable GOP senators demonstrate they want to end the shutdown, but many Republicans have no desire to defy Trump and risk retribution from the president's loyal legion of voters.

The department says federal employees who aren't working during the partial government shutdown are eligible to claim unemployment aid. "Hopefully, Democratic lawmakers will step forward to do what is right for our country, and what is right for our country is border security at the strongest level". "That's why I said to the president, if you don't open up government, let's discuss a mutually agreeable date".

But Democrats said no negotiations were going on.

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Americans also have more confidence in Trump's ability to make economic policies than they do in his ability to handle other matters effectively.

Meanwhile, the shutdown, which is now the longest in USA history, has left more than 800,000 federal workers and contractors without pay.

The survey found that a growing share of Americans trust what Trump says less than they did previous presidents. The federal government remains shut down for one reason, and one reason only.

The president, on a conference call with supporters Tuesday, showed no signs of backing down.

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