Weather - January 20 2019 - Extreme Cold Warnings Remain in Effect

Posted January 22, 2019

There will be clouds and sunshine for today, and with the wind chills, it will be below zero all day long.

A wind chill advisory went into effect after 8 inches of snow fell in Seneca County. Heavy downpours will be possible as winds gust up near 35 miles per hour!

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Bitterly cold wind chills lead Environment Canada to issue an extreme cold warning for Greater Sudbury and the vicinity (File). Temperatures today will not rise much more than they are this morning and most neighborhoods will remain in the mid-teens this afternoon.

Overnight, skies will be clear initially which will allow temperatures to drop once again into the single digits. By Monday morning, the lows would be nine degrees, although wind chills could make it feel like -10 degrees.

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Fortunately, it will begin to moderate by Tuesday and we could be back up to 30 or so.

Due to the wickedly cold temperatures, be sure to bundle up before heading out the door. Temperatures will recover to the low 30s in the afternoon.

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The bitter cold is expected to stymie travel once again with FlightAware reporting almost 280 flights canceled as of Monday morning. Some areas could see rain by Wednesday. Showers develop late in the day on Wednesday and then on and off showers continue through Thursday.