Mental health trials launched in schools

Posted February 07, 2019

Children will benefit from mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to help them regulate their emotions, alongside pupil sessions with mental health experts. This year's conference brings together more than 500 representatives of B.C. public, independent and First Nations schools, police, health authorities, and child and youth mental health workers, who are focused on improving mental health and addictions services for all B.C. students.

Creating space for children with acute mental health concerns in the new Jim Pattison Children's Hospital could have been a win-win situation - good for the children who would benefit from all the new hospital has to offer, and good for others who need a mental health hospital stay who could have been better accommodated at the Dube Centre with more adult beds.

After the Parkland shooting, students in MI advocated for better health services in their schools, hoping it would help decrease school violence. A magnitude of factors can instigate change in a persons' mental health, from stress at work, the weather, hormones, or pressures to fit into society.

The trials are created to explore the impact of different approaches at school, in recognition of the important role teachers can play in recognizing changes in pupils' behavior or mood.

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The youngsters had been asked to share objects that represented something that made them feel good.

The government proposals have been launched as part of Children's Mental Health Week, February 4-10.

Visiting a school, she hailed a budding artist as a "fantastic advert" for what young people can do.

The Duchess of Cambridge is greeted by delighted primary school pupils at Lavender Primary School.

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The mental health assessment pilots, also run by the Anna Freud Centre, will look at providing improved mental health assessments for children entering the care system.

Although equally important as our physical health, mental health can often go unnoticed and sometimes lead to detrimental effects on people's day-to-day lives.

Catherine Roche, Place2Be CEO said: "We welcome these trials in continuing to build an evidence base of effective ways to make a real difference to children's mental health".

"Social media companies clearly need to do more to ensure they are not promoting harmful content to vulnerable people", the spokesman said, adding that a forthcoming document will "set out their responsibilities, how they should be met and what should happen if they are not".

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During the day, Kate was there to support one of her charities, Place2Be which works in schools to provide guidance to pupils, family, teachers and staff and foster their emotional wellbeing.