Early 'Captain Marvel' Reviews Signal A Blast Of A Superhero's Debut

Posted March 06, 2019

Which is why ultimately, Captain Marvel is a successful franchise-starter for the MCU and an empowerment tome to inspire audiences across the globe. (I told you nobody's ever having any fun way out there in Superhero Galaxy Land.) A covert mission to rescue a Kree operative from the clutches of the Skrulls sets off a chain of events that literally propel Vers to the California of the mid-1990s. Vers struggles to harness her powers, and Jude Law's Yon-Rogg is the Starforce commander who teaches her very early on that she needs to learn to control her impulses, to think with her head, not her heart in order to be the best version of herself. I get it, but as someone who exists on the intersection of race and gender, I also see how that discussion about gender and representation for all women skipped over the women of Black Panther and is being carried by Captain Marvel.

Lindsey Bahr for the Associated Press writes, "The first female-led movie of the MCU deserved more".

That hero is Carol Danvers, known by multiple names throughout the film. Lynch's Maria is a flawless compliment to Larson's Danvers. Her essence is very grounded but fierce, and the delivery of a monologue that comes just when Carol needs it most brought tears to my eyes. The decade was a time where feminism was re-defining itself.

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The latest lightning-rod litmus test in our increasingly annoying culture wars is a comic book film whose lead character flies through space in a scuba suit and shoots plasma out of her palms. Not to mention the music that filled my angsty teenage days like Hole, Garbage, Nirvana, No Doubt, etc... But the big surprise to me was just how amusing he is.

Marvel Studios' first film of 2019 Captain Marvel is all set to release on March 8 and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans obviously can not keep calm.

Needless to say, Brie Larson more than carries the movie with her no-nonsense grunge attitude (she wears a Nine Inch Nails shirt for roughly a third of the movie, which should automatically earn anything some brownie points). I'm genuinely hoping that we see them explore the "buddy cop" relationship between Danvers and Fury further in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because that's something I left wanting more of. After months of speculations and theory-making, fans sure are excited to finally meet her. There are several lulls, especially in the first act.

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Off we go on the Earth-bound adventure, set to a crackling good soundtrack laden with '90s hits, and filled with fun cultural references, from Radio Shack to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to "The Silence of the Lambs" to the technology of the times. Unless you know the story from the comics, it can be a bit confusing until the pieces start to connect about mid-way through the film. I don't mean real-life people who are doing estimable work every day, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg (although even her recent commodification, through no fault of her own, threatens to flatten some of her dimensions), but virtuous fictional women who are put up before us as a jaunty reminder that "Girls can do anything!" But when it does.goosebumps galore.

There are several Marvel movies expected for release in 2019 but it's unclear just how many more cameos of Lee there will be.

"Captain Marvel takes a while to find its pace, but when it does, it doesn't dissapoint".

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