'Captain Marvel' Review Round-up: Critics Divided Over New Marvel Film

Posted March 07, 2019

"Captain Marvel" fails to dazzle and serves more as a teaser of sorts for "Avengers: Endgame".

"Just going through that process was like going to Marvel University". Not yet fully trained by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) to control the powers that she can not remember how she gained, Vers crashes on a mid-1990s Earth after a violent battle with Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn).

This week sees the release of the Captain Marvel movie, which will spearhead the character and actress Brie Larson to the forefront of the MCU, and now it is being claimed its sequel will also introduce Ms. Marvel.

The series, which will be based on Amyrillis Fox's upcoming memoir, will draw upon the real experiences from the memoir to tell the story of a young woman's journey in the Central Intelligence Agency and some of her undercover operations, all with the connections of her closest relationships being told.

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Following the premiere, Larson took to Instagram to gush over her incredible night, which all began from the moment she slipped into her dreamy dress. In Wonder Woman, by comparison, Diana's gender and her upbringing are instrumental to her and to us in terms of understanding the fierce, disciplined, compassionate worldview that drives her heroism; Captain Marvel's Carol is a wry, rule-breaking individualist with unique skills, strong ambitions and a broken-home background - the stuff of dozens of male heroes, including some of the protagonists from films like Top Gun that exert a palpable influence over the film's story and tone.

When Captain Marvel comes down to Earth, that's when she really soars.

Larson and Jackson have terrific buddy-movie chemistry, whether they're giving each other grief or covering each other's behinds. This is only slightly less believable than the idea of a flying woman with a flaming mohawk who shoots energy blasts from her hands, so just go with it. Captain Marvel is a woman and not much given to the chest-beating braggadocio of most of the Marvel men. Not every Marvel movie has been a slam dunk, he notes, and Captain Marvel is a capable and fun movie that does a great job of establishing a new hero: "That said, it took three "Thor" films for Chris Hemsworth's thunder god to find his groove". Disconnected from Starforce, she teams up with a young SHIELD agent named Nick Fury (a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson) to ward off the impending Skrull invasion. It just proves that you can still be the size of a regular person and still pack as much of a punch.

For the most part, the good reviews have focused on the film's sense of fun. As the character's amnesiac and planetarily displaced alter ego Carol Danvers, Brie Larson seems perpetually on the verge of either cocking an eyebrow or shrugging with disinterest. Also, obsessive funnybook fans may regret that significant pieces of Carol's résumé-she was a different superhero known as Ms. Marvel, then Binary, then Warbird before taking on the Captain Marvel mantle from someone else in the comics-are missing entirely. Only MCU newcomer Lashana Lynch, playing a fellow pilot who is Danvers' best friend and surrogate family, truly stands out.

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This is a win for Marvel Studios' first venture into female-led film territory, following highly-rated female-led TV shows like Jessica Jones and Agent Carter.

"Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership", the post read. It's through this that she discovers powers that she couldn't possibly have understood, and also that, in an amusing ongoing joke, computers worked a lot more slowly in 1995 than they do now. Incredibly, it's also the first Marvel superhero film to be directed by a woman.

Danvers has the opportunity to prevent the explosion but chooses to let the past unfold in alignment with her current desire to be a superhero.

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