Tesla's V3 Supercharger cuts down charging times by half

Posted March 08, 2019

Tesla has introduced a new Supercharger that will cut charging times in half. When an owner navigates to a charging station, their vehicle will make sure the battery is raised to an optimal temperature when they arrive which Tesla says can reduce average charge times by 25 percent. In comparison, Tesla's V2 Superchargers have peak rates of ~120 kW per vehicle. Once operational, it allows an electric vehicle to recharge at up to 250kW, which translates to 1,000 miles per hour, or 75 miles of charge in just five minutes.

Tesla has released the details of its V3 Supercharging network, the third generation of the company's charging infrastructure that promises rates up to 1000 miles per hour.

Posting on the Tesla blog, Tesla explains that V3 Supercharging requires a brand new 1MW power cabinet be installed at Supercharging locations.

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And though no commercially available battery now has the capacity, Tesla says the new Superchargers can theoretically restore 1,000 miles of range in an hour.

The first Supercharger V3 site has gone live in California, available for Model 3 owners and it'll roll out to all Tesla owners by the middle of the year as more sites become available. Owners of Models S and X will have to wait for software updates in the coming months before being able to benefit from these 250kW stations. V3 Supercharging is coming to Europe towards the end of 2019. The Model Y SUV, due to be revealed next week, will likely also be able to use the system because it shares technical elements with the Model 3 saloon.

Your Tesla when charging at a V3 Supercharger will indicate you're at a "high-usage Supercharger station" and note only a max battery charge of 80% is available.

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The Supercharger network already has more than 12,000 charge points across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Rather than be left behind, Tesla got busy developing its own solution.

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