European Union impatient with Brexit, but resigned to delay

Posted March 20, 2019

The Speaker of the House has thrown Theresa May's Brexit plan into turmoil after ruling she can not bring the same deal back to the Commons for another so-called "meaningful vote".

The senior national diplomats in Brussels spoke on Monday afternoon (18 March) after the UK's speaker of parliament seemed to have dashed May's hopes for a third House of Commons vote - which had initially been expected as soon as this week - to approve her stalled divorce deal with the bloc.

Citing Erskine May, parliament's rule book, Bercow said the convention dates back to 1604.

He said: "This is my conclusion: if the government wishes to bring forward a new proposition that is neither the same, nor substantially the same as that disposed of by the House on the 12th of March, this would be entirely in order".

"I will fight for an orderly Brexit on 29 March until the very last hour".

The ruling reportedly came as a surprise to May and her government.

He declined to say how long a delay she would request, or for what goal, simply insisting, "you're going to have to wait for that letter to be published".

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John Bercow, the man who during the referendum campaign famously had a vehicle sticker that read "B*****ks to Brexit" has now said B*****ks to 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit and essentially declared that his one vote is much more important than all of theirs and has derailed our exit from the EU.

"We are really exhausted by these negotiations", Roth said at an European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels before the leaders' summit. Many Brexiteers worry such a postponement could lead to Brexit never happening.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's efforts to steer her nation out of the European Union remained in a state of chaos today, as she struggled to get around a shock parliamentary ruling that may force her to beg fellow European leaders for a long divorce delay.

Mrs May's spokesman, James Slack, said the government would only hold a vote if there is "a realistic prospect of success".

It attacks the Speaker for what it calls "anti-Brexit prejudice", and says losing the chance to back Mrs May's deal would be "a perversion of our democracy".

"EU leaders will need a concrete plan from the United Kingdom in order to be able to make an informed decision".

Also on Tuesday, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier told reporters that if Mrs May requests an extension, it will be for EU leaders to "assess the reason and the usefulness" for such a request.

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Mr Bercow was asked by Commons Brexit Committee chairman Hilary Benn whether there would have to be "new political agreement" for the Government to bring its deal back before MPs. As Mrs May herself has constantly said, until recently, "no deal is better than a bad deal".

"Although Bercow's ambush will please certain No Deal advocates and other enemies of Theresa May, it has rightfully caused anger in Westminster and across the country, frustrating a plan that was starting to hold", it says.

In October she controversially suggested that a no-deal Brexit would be better than Theresa May's Chequers proposals for the EU.

An extension beyond late June, a month after European elections in late May, could see Britain maintain a commissioner in the EU executive, lawmakers in the European Parliament and a seat at the table of EU leaders, with influence on decisions for the bloc's future even as it tries to leave.

Last week the Brexit deal was defeated by 149 votes, and in January, it was rejected by 230 votes in parliament.

Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar and European Council president Donald Tusk released a joint statement after their meeting in Dublin.

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