Trump on Mueller report: 'Let it come out, let people see it'

Posted March 21, 2019

The public wants to know what special counsel Robert Mueller has found out about Russian tampering with the 2016 election and possible links to the Trump campaign, a new poll suggests.

Since Mueller was appointed in May 2017, Trump and the White House have pushed hard to discredit the investigation, and Trump has reportedly demanded several times that it be shut down.

"It's sort of interesting that a man just writes a report", Trump said of the Special Counsel, who has been hard at work for 22 months and three days investigating Russia's attack on the USA electoral system.

"My voters don't get it and I don't get it", he said of the Mueller probe.

Trump tweeted about the poll Monday, indicating that "very few think [the investigation] is legit".

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In anticipation to the report release, Trump intensified his long-running campaign to question the legitimacy of Mueller, who is widely respected, and to undermine confidence in the report itself.

Nance went on to say that in the Trump era, the "literally putting down our sword" where the Russian Federation is concerned and that 2020's Democratic presidential nominees "are going to have to enunciate their position on the defense of the Constitution". House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff warned last month he will "subpoena the report, we will bring Bob Mueller in to testify before Congress, we will take it to court if necessary", in order to obtain the document.

"I think it's ridiculous, but I want to see the report", he added. He is not "just" writing a report.

Trump, for his part, said he had no idea when the report would be released, but maintained his innocence, saying there was "no collusion" and "no obstruction".

Mueller, Trump charges, "put 13 angry Democrats in" his investigative team, also false.

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Trump referred to his 2016 election win as "one of the the history of this country" and said by contrast that Mueller had no popular support.

Only 28 percent of people surveyed still highly trust that former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Mueller's investigation has been conducted fairly and accurately, down 5 points since December and representing the lowest level to-date.

Gohmert accused Rosenstein and his "henchmen" in the Justice Department of consistently "undermining" former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"You know better than anybody there was no collusion", Trump said to one reporter.

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