Time for United States to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

Posted March 23, 2019

The annexing of the area has never been recognized by the global community.

Israel has sought global recognition of its sovereignty in the disputed Golan Heights for decades, but in the last three months has recruited powerful allies in a renewed campaign to influence Trump, including Sens.

World leaders and global organisations have criticised Trump's move.

"If national borders should be changed it must be done through peaceful means between all those involved", spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said of the occupied Golan Heights.

Russia's foreign ministry said Mr Trump's statement was a direct violation of United Nations decisions, RIA news agency said.

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The Trump administration has been considering recognizing Israel's sovereignty there for some time, and Netanyahu pressed the matter with visiting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this week.

"But now he did something of equal historic importance", Netanyahu said, "he recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and he did so at a time when Iran is trying to use Syria as a platform to attack and destroy Israel".

"I'm guessing it's not a big concern of Trump's but if the USA is going to recognize Israel's annexation of the Golan then it really has no basis on which to continue rejecting Russia's annexation of Crimea", Davidson said.

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., said in a statement.

Iran's Foreign Ministry said the "illegal and unacceptable recognition does not change the fact that it belongs to Syria".

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"President Trump's decision to recognize the Golan as part of Israel is strategically wise and overall awesome". The population of the region is now a mix of Syrian Arabs and Israeli settlers. In a speech at a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Erdogan said: "We can not allow the legitimisation of the occupation of the Golan Heights".

Although the annexation was unofficial, the region undertook Israeli laws and jurisdiction.

No unilateral "declarations"-whether about Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, or Palestinian refugees-can erase the Palestinian and Syrian identities of those places or the ongoing resistance of the Palestinian and Syrian peoples against oppression". Democrats on the panel argued that they supported Israeli control over the occupied territory, but that declaring formal Israeli sovereignty would undermine prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Thank you President Trump!

Compared to other regions occupied by Israel that may have primarily strategic or cultural significance, the conflict over the Golan is heavily driven by resources. "It makes it quite hard for the United States to continue to contest Russia's annexation of Crimea under the principle that taking territory by force is illegal", wrote Ilan Goldenberg, Middle East security director at the Center for a New American Security, on Twitter.

"As a Christian I certainly believe that's possible, " Pompeo answered with a smile.

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"I am confident that the Lord is at work here, " Pompeo added, describing the role the United States has played in preserving the "Jewish state".