Sarah Sanders admitted she lied to the White House press

Posted April 23, 2019

She also slammed CNN's April Ryan, after the reporter Friday called for Sanders to be fired after special counsel Robert Mueller said in his report Sanders had lied when she told reporters "countless" members of the FBI welcomed Trump's decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

The White House press secretary was condemned by Ryan after it was revealed in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation report that her claims to journalists that Comey had lost the confidence of several members of the FBI was "not founded on anything".

The statement comes after, the Justice Department released on 18 April Mueller's final report of the investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion and Russia's interference in the 2016 USA elections.

When asked about Ryan's comments regarding Sanders and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters' claims that people who still defend the president are not patriots, Gidley said he would not listen to those who perpetuated a lie since Trump took office.

Trump took no action to thwart Mueller probe: attorney general
Mueller also found there was insufficient evidence that the president tried to obstruct any part of his investigation or report. Russian Federation hacked the emails of his election opponent Hillary Clinton to damage her campaign and benefit Mr Trump .

Sanders told the special counsel's office that a statement she made to journalists about how the White House had heard from "countless members" of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Comey lacked support within the agency, "was not founded on anything". The report also says she acknowledged the comment "was not founded on anything".

"She should be let go, she should be fired, end of story", Ryan opined on Thursday night.

"Look, I've had reporters say a lot of things about me". Remember when Sanders disseminated a doctored video from an alt-right website in order to accuse CNN's Jim Acosta of physically assaulting a White House press intern?

"Sarah plays a unsafe game in that room", Ryan said of the room on White House grounds where Sanders holds her press conferences. "I have to have security because of being called fake and a loser and all sorts of things from that White House".

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Rick Wilson pointed to the culture Trump created in which she's "comfortable telling lies", saying it's "diminished the credibility and the trust of the White House at every level".

"Between, like, email, text messages, absolutely". They can't trust what's said from the President's mouthpiece-spokesperson from the people's house.

"Not only does [Sanders] not have any credibility left, she lied", Ryan said.

According to Mueller's report, however, there is "substantial evidence" to indicate that Trump fired Comey for refusing to publicly state that the president wasn't personally under investigation.

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Certainly Sanders is not the first press secretary to lie to the media.