What to expect in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 3

Posted April 27, 2019

The spoiler theory says that the Night King will split his army and send off half of them directly to the King's Landing. Some actors, like Maisie Williams (who plays the inimitable Arya Stark) got warnings from Sapochnik about just how hard the shoot would be.

Sapochnik spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the mega Battle of Winterfell, and gave Game of Thrones fans a small sneak peek of what the long sequence might entail. And that particular storm is going to be an almighty clash between the living and the dead at Winterfell, with a whole host of our heroes waiting for the battle that very well may end them all. While they are fighting, the Night King will be turning the population of King's Landing into wights.

HBO has released a batch of new Battle of Winterfell photos, and we have a theory about what might be causing that look on Jon Snow's face. And since these are medieval times, it's the women, children and elderly who will be sent for protection.

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Does Ser Brienne finally getting her knighthood signal the end of her story? The only explanation for how they managed to get so far from the impending fight is the queen's two remaining dragons.

Varys and Tyrion in the crypts. There were a lot of goodbyes in this episode, or at least moments that seemed like goodbyes. Jon Snow has prophecies to fulfil and killing him off at this stage wouldn't make much sense.

While we know all men must die, and some of our favorite characters could be the ones to go this time around, it just felt like something was missing.

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For Sapochnik though, finding a way to share what each character was going through, on top of showing this massive fight, was challenging. Either way, we want to see her make good use of the dragon glass weapon.

Nearly every character left that anyone loves is about to engage in the fight of their lives as the Army of the Dead marches toward them.

Grey Worm and Missandei's budding relationship has been one of the happier storylines to come out of "Game of Thrones", so after these lovers had one last conversation before Grey Worm prepared his troops for battle, we knew it was all over for him.

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