Dems threaten Barr anew with contempt over Mueller report

Posted May 04, 2019

President Trump on Thursday said he doesn't believe he will let former White House counsel Don McGahn testify in front of committees in Congress.

It was announced Wednesday that Barr would skip Thursday's hearings following a disagreement with the House Judiciary Committee over the questioning he faced.

They would surely be complicit with Trump's "personal attorney" (Attorney General William Barr) in ignoring the attack on our democracy by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

But now Barr has emerged as arguably the most divisive figure in Donald Trump's administration.

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"The Committee is prepared to make every realistic effort to reach an accommodation with the [Justice] Department", Nadler told Barr in a letter.

Barr released Mueller's report on April 18, with some parts blacked out to protect sensitive information. Lack of knowledge, a mistake, difference in interpretation could all be blamed for the intent behind false testimony; whether committed by a sitting attorney general or a jailhouse snitch - perjury is a criminal matter that requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, a Republican, wrote to Mueller to ask whether he wanted to appear before his panel to discuss any misstatements Barr may have made about the special counsel's investigation.

The letter to Barr comes a day after he refused to voluntarily testify to the committee because Nadler planned to have Republican and Democratic staff attorneys ask Barr questions following the lawmakers' questioning, a format the Justice Department labeled "inappropriate".

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His appearance this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee accelerated calls for his resignation after he said Trump had been falsely accused and he spun politically damning episodes in Mueller's report in the president's favor.

Harris then questioned on Barr's March 24 summary of the Mueller report, asking if he personally reviewed all of the underlying evidence.

He also asked the department to work with Congress to seek a court order for secret grand jury materials, a request Barr has previously denied. The report also detailed a series of actions Trump took to try to impede the investigation.

Mr Mueller, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, concluded there was insufficient evidence to show a criminal conspiracy and opted not to make a conclusion on whether Mr Trump committed obstruction of justice, but pointedly did not exonerate him. Who was elected by the American people to oversee the Department of Justice in the most important investigation they have.

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