Iran rolls back part of nuclear pact, France issues warning

Posted May 09, 2019

The sources said based on the rights envisioned in JCPOA's paragraph of 26 on the European Union commitments and also in paragraphs of 36 and 37 which are about dispute resolution mechanism, Iran plans to decrease some of its commitments and resume a number of its nuclear activities that have been ceased under the JCPOA.

Under the 2015 accord, Iran restricted the capacity of its uranium enrichment program in exchange for a lifting of most global sanctions.

Zarif, on his visit to Moscow, issued his own warning via Twitter, saying that, "after a year of patience, Iran stops measures that (the) USA has made impossible to continue".

But Iran does not itself plan to pull out of the agreement, which curbed its nuclear program in return for an end to some sanctions, the state-run IRIB news agency reported, according to Reuters. "There is a 60-day windows of opportunity for diplomacy", he said.

His remarks will come exactly one year after President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the agreement, calling it one of the worst deals ever put together.

Iran to keep enriching uranium despite U.S. move - parliament speaker
State Department said on Friday that it has chose to extend sanction waivers on Iran's civil nuclear projects for 90 days. It also blacklisted Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps.

All signatories were formally notified about Tehran's decision, with Zarif using his coinciding visit to Moscow to offer personal explanations about why it was taken.

The remaining parties to the nuclear deal have been given 60 days to implement their commitments under the JCPOA, particularly those related to the banking and oil sectors.

Washington has also deployed an aircraft carrier strike group and several massive, nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East as national security adviser John Bolton warned Washington would respond with "unrelenting force" to any attack by Tehran.

U.S. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said Monday that the deployment of U.S. military assets was to counter a "credible threat" from Iran.

The looming total ban on oil sales is likely to sharply increase the economic hardship for Iran's 80 million people, and finding a response is the biggest test yet for Rouhani, a pragmatist who has faced strong opposition from the hardline faction of Iran's leadership throughout his six years in office.

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Iran has the technical ability to build and operate advanced versions called the IR-2M, IR-4 and IR-6 at a facility in Natanz, but is barred from doing so under the nuclear deal.

Iran notified Britain, Russia, China, the European Union, France and Germany of its decision earlier Wednesday.

The U.S. last week stopped issuing waivers for countries importing Iranian crude oil, a crucial source of cash for Iran's government. Israel never claimed responsibility for the attacks, though Israeli officials have boasted in the past about the reach of the country's intelligence services.

"This surgery is to save the (deal), not destroy it", he said. This includes the establishment of a special payments system to help worldwide companies who want to continue trading with Iran to bypass sanctions.

The Wall Street Journal cited European diplomats as saying that Iran may ramp up research into centrifuges that could produce highly enriched uranium more quickly. That's compared to the 10,000kg of higher-enriched uranium it once had. Weapons-grade uranium needs to be enriched to around 90pc. Iran has previously enriched to 20 per cent.

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